Hey there—I’m Emily!

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had an art project I dabbled with on the side. Over the years, I’ve gotten into friendship bracelets, peelable glass paint art, tie dye, knitting, painting, sewing; you name it, I’ve probably done it.

It’s always been a hobby (although I do remember selling some of my friendship bracelets in fourth grade). When I stumbled upon making polymer clay earrings, however, I began to receive comments. Friends and random boutique owners asked me where I bought my earrings. For the first (official) time in my life, I’m turning hobby into home business!

Who is Cohen and where’s his lane?

Cohens Lane is the name of the shady (in a cute way) backstreet that I use to access my basement apartment, which is where I make my earrings!

Besides making things, what are you into?

Thanks for asking! Music is a big hobby of mine—listening, viewing live, playing (mainly at home and as a worship leader for Redemption Church). My big girl job is working as an Account Manager at Wier / Stewart, a marketing firm in downtown Augusta, GA. I also love to read, garden, ride my bike, and spend time with my family and very cute boyfriend.

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