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Burp cloths might not sound very exciting, but that’s where you’re wrong. These are Pretty + Practical.

When choosing fabric for the “pretty” side of the burp cloth, I go with the patterns I would like to see hanging out in my living room for roughly the first year of my child’s life. Moms, your house will be covered in Paw Patrol and Disney Princesses soon enough, so take advantage of the pretty patterns while you still can.

Soft, minky fabric is the perfect baby material. It’s so cozy and gentle while remaining practical (as in, it’s going to absorb spit up instead of spreading it around). Cute things are nice enough, but if they’re not practical, why bother? These burp cloths are both!

Set of 3 cotton/minky burp cloths = $20

It’s 2020, and masks have become a part of our daily lives.

Ditch the disposable and opt for a fabric mask! They’re sturdy, fit most heads, and are cute as heck. Best part is, you can throw them in the washer after using.

Contact me for specific fabric requests!

Cloth mask = $10

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